We are COVID-19 Safe

All Carpathy workshops are sanitized regularly and proper safety precautiona and guidelines set by the company are undertaken by employees and mechanics to ensure customer safety.

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Steps taken to ensure Safety

Carpathy Workshops are Sanitised on a regular basis

Workshops are regularly sanitised

Trained Professional Mechanics following proper Safety measures

Trained Professional following proper Safety measures

Contactless Service and Payments. No cash

Contactless Service and Payments. No cash

Professionals are checked and monitored regularly

Professionals are checked and monitored regularly

Car Revival & Sanitization Camp
for Societies

Fluid Topups, Jumpstart, Sanitisation and other Essential Services

Registerations Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the solution has been applied on a surface, it works as an disinfection agent that kills & inhibits microbial growth. It works as a sanitization coating on any surface & can be effective for up to 1 month*
The technology used for Protect+ has been proven effective on droplet-based viruses & being antimicrobial in nature, it inhibits the growth of microbial providing effective sanitization for automobiles.
The chemical is widely used for purification and disinfection purposes across industries. The chemical is also a strong antiseptic solution that kills all major forms of bacteria and viruses. It sanitizes vehicles by making them virus-proof using a globally proven technology that lasts up to 30 days*
One-time treatment takes around 5-10 minutes that includes outside and interior sanitization. The interior sanitization includes your plastic and fabric parts treatment.
There are no known side effects of the treatment.
It will not leave any spots or damage the surface. The chemical only disinfects the top surface which in turn hinders the microbial growth. In some cases, it also helps to reduce the stains.
It only takes around 5-10 minutes for the treatment of the Vehicle, followed by 15 minutes of waiting time for it to dry the surface. The Vehicle can be used immediately after the drying period.
It is a completely odorless coating and does not leave any kind of spots, also it helps to prevent odor in the future as well.
We service all major brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Mahindra, Volkswagen and a lot more. For the complete list head to this link.

Gulf Lubricants used only

across all Carpathy Workshops

Only Synthetic Engine Oil is used to guarantee superior performance

Gulf Oil Exclusively available at Carpathy Workshops
  • Gulf UltraSynth

    Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

    5W30 Grade

    MRP: 1900

  • Gulf Multi G+

    Synthetic Engine Oil

    5W30 Grade

    MRP: 1650

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