Some Hidden Features in Cars that You Must Discover!

By Shubham | 01st Mar, 2020

When it comes to technology, it is very common to add several hidden features in it, thus making its usage more comfortable and satisfying. Generally, we assume that the car manufacturing companies only upgrade the music system, interior designs, wheels etc. But if you look closely in your car or read the manual, you will discover that it’s not only the stereo that hides features but many other parts.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Extended Power Window Use:

In some new models, Power Windows can be used even if car ignition is off. This feature can be seen in new generation Hyundai cars, in which a person can operate windows even without inserting the key. It helps to roll up the windows without putting unnecessary efforts.


2. Change of Units in Temperature

This feature lets you change the temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa. This is only available on the climate control systems, which has a proper temperature panel to analyze the conditions better and efficiently. You can also set the system on automatic functioning by pressing the ‘Auto’ and ‘AC’ buttons simultaneously for three seconds. This feature can be commonly seen in Volkswagen Cars.

3. Anti-Kidnapping Boot

With the increasing rate of crimes and kidnapping, companies have also taken initiative to protect your car and this feature is newly launched by the Ford. The car won’t let you open the boot when the car is moving, even if you have the doors unlocked, no key, nothing will help in this! Other manufacturers are also following and installing this feature.

4. Silencing the Buzzer

Car remotes or buzzers sometimes make unwanted noise that becomes too annoying. So this hidden feature can be really helpful as you can turn off the sound and can only see the lights blinking. It is commonly seen in Mahindra and Renault cars. After some time, the person can again activate it by pressing the middle button and then immediately pressing lock/unlock button.

Hidden or not, Carpathy takes care of all the parts in your car. Just take out your car manual once and discover all the other hidden features of your car. Contact us for any other information regarding your car.

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