Here's why Car and SUV Crash Guards are banned in India

By Rishabh | 18th Dec, 2017

Ministry of Highways and Road Transportation has made a monumental decision to deem all Crash Guards / Bull Bar on all Cars and SUVs as illegal and have been banned across India and all cars have been instructed to remove them.

As per the document, the Ministry talks about the unauthorized Fitment of Crash Guards / Bull Bars on Motor Vehicles and how it poses safety concern for pedestrians as well as the occupants of the vehicle. It has also requested all states to take strict action against those who refuse to follow this ruling.


Now Why have the authorities banned this?

Crash Guards impact the structural design of the car. It causes the car to be front heavy thereby causing the car to have an unstable center of gravity.

A car is also designed in a way to absorb most of the impact of a crash so that the inhabitants of the car are safe. With the increased weight of the Bull Bar, this might affect the car's ability to take the brunt of impact and might cause the car to deform.

It's also fatal for the pedestrians who being hit by a metal bar have little to no chance of surviving an accident.

major impacts might also smash the chassis of the car thereby increasing the costs of refurbishing a car that's been in an accident.

Airbag deployment is also affected during a crash.


What does the ruling say exactly?

In exact words - Installation of the crash guard is banned under Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act. Violators would be charged under Section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act for any unauthorized installation of such crash guards.The letter also mentioned that bull bars have also been banned."

This means that, if you have a crash guard installed in your car, you are instructed to remove it. The directive doesn't specifically direct to what is / isn't legal, but anything that is protruding from the front of the car will be considered a violation.

Failing to follow the directives might result in heavy penalizations and impounding of the car by the traffic police.


Is this a good decision by the Government?

India has one of the highest ratios of accident to road deaths in the world. India witnessed 55 road accidents and 17 deaths every hour in 2016 - Source Source

Drastic measures have to be taken to reduce this and starting with Crash Guards is the step in the right direction. This directly impacts the safety of pedestrians who have a realistic chance of survival even if they are met with an accident.

This drive may be similar to the one that was conducted a few years ago, after a Supreme Court judgment made window tints illegal on cars running in India.


What should you do if you have crash guard installed?

The first step is to get more information as to what the government sees as a violation. The right thing would be to remove the crash guard in a way that no damage is done to the car while removing it. We at Carpathy, take this judgement as necessary towards road safety and we have had experience in installation and removal of crash guards.

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What are your views about this decision? Have you already installed a crash guard? What according to you should be other measures that the Government should take to make Indian roads safer? Do let us know your views through the comments section below.

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