Car Acoustics| How to reduce the road noise heard in a Car-Car Sound Proofing and Car Sound Dampening|

By Swapnil.singh | 09th Mar, 2019

Car sound deadening or Car sound proofing or Car noise dampening or sound proofing material for car! Heard these terms? Ok, apart from the visuals & the pleasing aesthetics, what separates a high end luxury car like the BMW, the Audi, the Rolls Royce etc from the normal hatchbacks or the lower end sedans? Apart from the status symbol; it’s the comfort, the mental peace which you will get while traveling in these cars which kind of isolates you from the outside noise & commotion. The soothing experience where you can read newspapers, novels or go through some important documents or just listen to some quite peaceful music using the time of your commute is the major plus point of these high end luxury cars. 

Picture this, you are traveling to office(or back home) like any regular day but stuck up in a never ending traffic snarl today because of some politician’s rally(2019 election campaigning in India, has begun). Mentally you are aware that you have to add at least 30 minutes more, maybe even an hour to the duration of your regular commute time. 

You want to unwind completely, probably listen to some nice music of your choice, listen to the radio or maybe just switch off and either meditate or try to go to sleep while your driver drives you around. But the constant honking from your fellow commuters around you is not giving you the liberty to do any of the above activities. It’s not just in the present scenario when your travel time is extended but probably every time that you are traveling in your car, you could be subjected to sound emanating from various sources around or probably sounds from your car itself which is plain noise to you. Simply Irritating Noise!

 Another scenario, you have gone on a long drive(alone or with that special someone) and you remain deprived of the serenity which you were visualizing you would be having on this drive before you started this journey. You have to shout every time you need to talk to each other. Increasing the decibel level of your music system to completely negate the rattling noise has now resulted in a headache. And you were seeking a tranquil mind during your long drive.

Does a remedy exist? → Yes. You can go for soundproofing(car damping/dampening or car sound deadening) In this the concept of putting barriers between you and the source of sound is used. These barriers will either suppress, reflect or absorb the sound waves.

To achieve this result, following techniques can be used:-

  1. Using Sound Deadening Car Mats- These car mats make your car sound proof to a large extent as they really cut down on the source of sound by putting up a solid barrier. They are relatively very economical & highly efficient.
  2. Using Reflective insulation- The dampening material used for reflective insulation is usually made from aluminium & is laid on the floor in the cabin. Reflective Insulation encloses the source of the noise and forms a barrier. It limits the transmission of sound by absorbing and reflecting vibrations from the noise source.
  3. Using Spray & Foam Sound deadeners- Sprays effectively dampen the noise & foams are used to absorb the vibrations. They absorb and disperse the energy that the vibrations make. The foam effectively absorbs the echo in your car cabin, thus improving the acoustics and the sound quality.
  4. Using an undercoating of Rubber- It dampens the noise emanating from the road & engine.

If you wish to get sound dampeners fitted in your car, you need to visit an authentic car service center equipped with the modern day technologies. Carpathy is one of the leaders in this domain. It is changing the way people take care of their cars with its network of multi-brand service centers across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and lot of centers coming up in other cities of India. Carpathy provides 360º services for all cars and car owners also don’t have to necessarily visit the workshop. Most of the services are available at customer's doorsteps or come with a free pick and drop facility. Carpathy’s team of expert service advisers ensures that the client gets the best quality services for his/her car.

To find out how to sound deaden your car, feel free to visit or call at 8882110011. Your car will be assessed & you will get a realistic picture about which of the above techniques or which combination of sound proofing techniques from those listed above will give best results for your car.


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